See the Sale through the Prospects Eyes

Remember this. Not one prospect cares about what you think; your opinions and any ideas you may have, or what you want. Their only interest (and rightfully so) is what you and your product can do for them. Phrases such as “I need 10 minutes of your time”, “I’d like to explain to you” or “I have just the thing you need”, are amongst some of the biggest turn-offs in selling.

The salesperson has to learn to discontinue the word “I” from all of his or her vocabulary if they want to improve their chances of closing the sales. To do so will take time and practice, but in the process the salesperson focus will move from their own needs and wants to that of the prospects needs, wants, and benefits.

If applied correctly, a short while later the salesperson (through this transferance of focus) will use phrases such as “All you’ll need is 10 minutes to evaluate this exciting opportunity” replacing that overworked ” All I need is 10 minutes of your time” so may salespeople rely on. “I’d like to explain to you”, could be replaced with “You too could share some of the benefits – let me show you how”.

And phrases such as :-

-“You have already notice how …” -“You will agree …” -“You will experience benefits such as …” -“See how this one point …” become part of your everyday vocabulary – your respect for others will grow to the point where you will gain acceptance from both your prospects and peers alike. In turn, trial closes will become easier to use, and even easier to apply and benefit from.

In fact, the following is a transcript of a sign I noticed on an office wall recently:-

– The five most important words in the world are you can be proud of – The four most important words are what is your opinion – The third most important words are if you please – The second most important words are Thank you – The one most important word is you and the least most important word you can ever use in conversation is I.

Then once the salesperson establishes in his or her mind that selling is first and foremost for the benefit of the prospect and not the salesperson closing will become a bigger priority than before because it will take on a new meaning… In turn it will become easier to what the prospect is thinking; what they feel about your product or service; how they’ve accepted your presentation of benefits on their behalf.

Professionalism helps build on the necessary clues that will help close the sale, and that could only be done when the salesperson begins to look at the sale through the prospects eyes.

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