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See the Sale through the Prospects Eyes

Remember this. Not one prospect cares about what you think; your opinions and any ideas you may have, or what you want. Their only interest (and rightfully so) is what you and your product can do for them. Phrases such as “I need 10 minutes of your time”, “I’d like to explain to you” or “I have just the thing you need”, are amongst some of the biggest turn-offs in selling.

The salesperson has to learn to discontinue the word “I” from all of his or her vocabulary if they want to improve their chances of closing the sales. To do so will take time and practice, but in the process the salesperson focus will move from their own needs and wants to that of the prospects needs, wants, and benefits.

If applied correctly, a short while later the salesperson (through this transferance of focus) will use phrases such as “All you’ll need is 10 minutes to evaluate this exciting opportunity” replacing that overworked ” All I need is 10 minutes of your time” so may salespeople rely on. “I’d like to explain to you”, could be replaced with “You too could share some of the benefits – let me show you how”.

And phrases such as :-

-“You have already notice how …” -“You will agree …” -“You will experience benefits such as …” -“See how this one point …” become part of your everyday vocabulary – your respect for others will grow to the point where you will gain acceptance from both your prospects and peers alike. In turn, trial closes will become easier to use, and even easier to apply and benefit from.

In fact, the following is a transcript of a sign I noticed on an office wall recently:-

– The five most important words in the world are you can be proud of – The four most important words are what is your opinion – The third most important words are if you please – The second most important words are Thank you – The one most important word is you and the least most important word you can ever use in conversation is I.

Then once the salesperson establishes in his or her mind that selling is first and foremost for the benefit of the prospect and not the salesperson closing will become a bigger priority than before because it will take on a new meaning… In turn it will become easier to what the prospect is thinking; what they feel about your product or service; how they’ve accepted your presentation of benefits on their behalf.

Professionalism helps build on the necessary clues that will help close the sale, and that could only be done when the salesperson begins to look at the sale through the prospects eyes.

Bronze Sculpture For Sale

Bronze has nice value in the art world of sculptures. When setting in a mold, bronze will slightly expand and fill in the finest details. Many extraordinary bronze sculpture statues have been created throughout history; but because of the strength of bronze most haven’t been allowed to survive. Far more ancient stone and ceramic statues exist nowadays even though they are cracked or in fragments. Most of the larger bronze sculpture statues were melted down for weapons during times of war and lost as a part of history. The bronze alloy used both in ancient and fashionable time is very similar consisting of 90% copper and 10% tin.

The ancient Greeks were the first to use bronze to form life size statues. One of those antique bronze sculptures still exists. It is known as “The Victorious Athlete”.

The creating of bronze statue art is a highly skillful talent. The strength of bronze allows the sculpture to create things impossible using different mediums like stone. The look of a bronze statue or bronze sculpture gives a person the feeling of history and long life and it also makes the individual to shop for bronze sculpture. Each piece of the art is unique because of the making method. The process is time consuming and requires several steps. The artist’s idea is 1st shaped in wood or clay to make a cast. The mold is then filled with wax to fine tune the creation and also the mold.

The wax stature is covered in a ceramic solution and covered with sand. Once toughened, the wax is then melted and the mold is strengthened through this procedure. The cast is now ready for the melted bronze. After the bronze has cooled and become solid in the mold, the mold is shattered open and thrown away. The artist then works at refining and finishing the bronze sculpture statue. A gloss will be applied to immediately recreate the actual coloring process that will happen over time.

Before we buy bronze sculpture we need to make certain that, every bronze sculpture for sale ought to have a certificate with it, identifying it as an original. No other bronze sculpture art ought to exist exactly like this one. This certification method is to protect the artist and therefore the art lover from copies and misrepresentations. If you are in the market to find bronze sculpture, make sure you’re employed with the artist directly or a reputable art gallery to confirm the standard of the sculpture for your enjoyment.

Mark Wild is a follower of Anna Chromy and fascinated by ancient Egyptian art and culture for many years. He now relates the experience, beauty and mystery of ancient Egypt by sharing Ms. Chromy’s famous art sculptures, Bronze Sculpture for Sale and paintings available through her website

East Boca Raton Homes For Sale

East Boca Raton waterfront is one of the most sought after locations in So. Florida. The gorgeous Atlantic Ocean beaches, wide intracoastal waterway, picturesque parks, superb golf courses and exceptional restaurants and nightlife make this City world famous.

The special East Boca Raton waterfront homes for sale have something for everyone – From updated single-family homes to magnificent Mediterranean Style Estates. Dockage is available for your boat in many areas. Life on East Boca Ratons waterfront is everything you can imagine and this vibrant city is known the world over. If you love boating, sail on the intracoastal or go deep sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Many simply enjoy sitting on the pristine beaches or taking a dip in their pool overlooking the waterways.

Prices in today’s “buyers market” are well below their peak of just a few years ago, and offer unprecedented value starting at the $500,000’S to well over several million for waterfront single family homes. The schools, both public and private, are exceptional and obtain high ratings. Location Location Location – Boca Raton is nestled between two major airports, Palm Beach International Airport and Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

From our historic Boca Raton Resort & Club to the exciting nightlife including five star restaurants, notable art museums, golf courses, theaters, and world class shopping, Boca Raton
has it all.

Whether you prefer the beach or boating lifestyle or enjoying all the culture and amenities that East Boca has for you, you will have the best of all worlds here. In addition, Boca Raton is located 30 minutes South of Palm Beach and 30 minutes North of Fort Lauderdale. You can experience all that these exciting cities of So. Florida have to offer.

Some of our desirable waterfront communities include: Boca Marina Yacht Club, Royal Palm
Yacht and Country Club, Boca Harbour, Bel Marra, Bel Lido Isle, Camino Gardens, Boca Bay Colony, The Sanctuary, Palm Beach Farms among many others.

Kitchens for Sale

Updating a kitchen can be one of the most expensive and difficult rooms to organize, this is because of the skill and expertise needed in making it functional and aesthetically pleasing, and planning where to place all the appliances. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, flat pack, rigid construction, custom-built or non-fitted, what you eventually decide upon will be based on your preference and budget.

Generally you are limited as to where to place appliances in your kitchen, utility supply inlets and waste outlets are fixed and if you do want to move them it can be an expensive venture. This means you have to have a lot of imagination when designing a kitchen and this is where professionals can help. They are knowledgeable about all the latest ideas and designs that work in a limited space, know how to create extra floor space, and other technical details as to how to get the most from the area.

A consultant experienced in kitchen design will work very closely with you to achieve the look you are after. They will spend time with you to find out your priorities, ideas and goals before making a plan. Elements to discuss will include the size and shape of your kitchen, what facilities you hope to integrate in the space, how much cooking actually goes on there, and if the area is to be a social space as well as for food preparation and cooking.

Shop around when looking for kitchens for sale as there is a lot of choice to choose from and prices can vary considerable depending on the look you want to achieve. Visit your local kitchen design showroom and have a chat with the design consultants there to see what kinds of ideas they have. Pick up catalogues and brochures on your travels as this will help identify what styles and materials you prefer, also look online as this is the best place to browse without any hassle from salespeople.

Investing in a fitted kitchen will be one of the biggest improvements you can make to your home, and it’s well-known that kitchens and bathrooms are the key sellers of any home. Available in a wide range of styles and materials to suit all tastes and budget these days the whole choosing and design process is simplified by the use of various design programmes that can show you in 3D what the finished product would look like. Choosing the right appliances are also an important part of a fitted kitchen, from fridge freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens, even down to the hobs, oven hoods, taps and sinks, and these can be incorporated into the plan. You can see whether or not it fits your dimensions and suits the rest of the units, etc., and you don’t even have to spend any money.

Whether looking for a contemporary or classic design, rustic or minimalist, the final quote will depend on your specifications. You can either pay the balance in full with no interest, or get a finance package where the payments can be spread out over a period of months to make it affordable.

You will generally have to make an appointment with a kitchen design professional to discuss the specifications, this can either be arranged at the store or some companies will come to your house to discuss ideas and measure up while they are there. Once they have your input they will then draw up a plan of your kitchen and any modifications can be made quite easily.

You can find stores online that offer virtual kitchen planners which means you can plan your space, try out different looks as much as you want and see how each one creates a totally new look, and you don’t even have to leave home! Build a 3D scale model of your kitchen and view it from every angle, adding appliances, changing materials and layouts as often as you wish until you create the perfect kitchen for you. Then simply save it, and go into the store for a quote.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for KDCUK, a team of highly experienced kitchen specialists supplying kitchen sale info, design tips and advice for any fitted kitchen you require. Whether you are looking for kitchens for sale, new kitchen fittings or just want to be inspired, KDCUK has a UK showroom where you can find creative ideas for your next kitchen refurbishment, or simply speak to one of their experts on bespoke kitchen solutions.